About Us

About Us

We are a group, created from several small companies with main office in Liechtenstein. Due to the recently occurred halving, we decided to combine our facilities and organize one large company. This association has made us a larger and more powerful player on the market.


After long negotiations, we united 78 small companies into one. Our structure has huge benefits among others, because all our facilities, management, and other part of processes are located geographically in almost all parts of the world.

Our advantages

In the process of organizing the merger, we carefully selected participants for association. All the individuals passed a strict selection according to such parameters as: energy efficiency, minimum power of at least 1 million GH/S, activity at least 3 years on the market, the technological level of equipment is appropriate our high requirements. Also, our experts have developed unique software for switching power units and optimizing processing in order to receive profit as quickly as possible.


Energy efficiency, competitiveness, and financial reliability are our top priority. In the current situation, when after halving, a number of mining companies curtailed their activities, we found good prospects for this sphere with our approach.

Our team

Our company is a team of experienced heads of divisions, software developers, managers who quickly solve any problems in the spirit of modern requirements. In the addition, we managed fast and reliable support service, with which you can solve any of your question or complain in the few hours.